Brilhart Carlsbad Special Mouthpiece

Brilhart is back and better than ever! Utilizing the original molds created by Arnold Brilhart, Conn Selmer has masterfully created the "Carlsbad" Special saxophone mouthpiece. Each mouthpiece is engineered to precise specifications, producing a full, resonant tone while giving players the perfect amount of "edge" and carrying power. Every Brilhart "Carlsbad" Special mouthpiece is 100% manufactured and hand finished in Elkhart Indiana, USA. No matter the venue or genre, the Carlsbad Special takes your music to a whole new level.


Each "Carlsbad" Special is made by injection-molding proprietary plastic blends and are then hand finished to strict specifications based on the original Arnold Brilhart molds. This gives each mouthpiece exceptional carrying power and a full, resonant tone. Its "edge" enriches the blend of the reed section for improved ensemble performance.


  • For alto or tenor saxophones
  • Made of injection-molded plastic
  • Full, resonant tone
  • Extraordinary carrying power
  • Each mouthpiece is hand finished

Also available in the "Carlsbad" Ebolin mouthpieces.

  • BASMS7 alto saxphone model shown


ModelTip OpeningSKU
Special 4.060"/1.52mmBASME4
Special 5.065"/1.65mmBASME5
Special 6.070"/1.79mmBASME6
Special 7.075"/1.90mmBASME7


ModelTip OpeningSKU
Special 5.080"/2.03mmBTSME5
Special 6.090"/2.29mmBTSME6
Special 7.100"/2.54mmBTSME7
Special 8.110"/2.79mmBTSME8
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