Ludwig Concert Snare Drums

Copper Snare Close Up on Black

Often imitated, never duplicated, Ludwig snare drums have set an undeniable benchmark for quality and versatility since 1911. Ludwig snare drums are the most toured and recorded snare drums in the world. With this tradition of excellence Ludwig presents the all new Concert Series.

Offered in 5 x 14 and 6.5 x 14 in both Maple and Raw Copper, the Concert Series delivers incredible tonal response and versatility for all applications. Maple snare drums are available in Natural Maple, Charcoal, Mahogany and a durable Black Cortex.

The P89 Concert Strainer offers a smooth single throw for its ultra responsive, three snare system. Coated Cable, Spiral Steel Wire, Uncoated cable each with two points of adjustment give the player the control that every conductor requires.


  • 7 Ply North American Maple
  • 45 Degree Bearing Edge
  • P89 Concert Strainer
  • Tube Lugs
  • Die Cast Hoops
  • REMO® M5 Diplomat
  • Ludwig Weather Master X-Thin Resonant
Copper Snare Close Up on Black

LCS514CTD 5x14 Raw Copper
LCS6514CTD 6.5x14 Raw Copper

Black Cortex

LCS514TDOG 5x14 Black Cortex
LCS6514TDOG 6.5x14 Black Cortex


LCS514TDOM 5x14 Mahogany
LCS6514TDOM 6.5x14 Mahogany


LCS514TDOY 5x14 Charcoal
LCS6514TDOY 6.5x14 Charcoal


LCS514TDSN 5x14 Natural
LCS6514TDSN 6.5x14 Natural


LP923SSC Concert Snare Stand *

LX614CX Snare Drum Bag *

* Stand and Bag Sold Separately

Concert Snare Stand and Bag

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