Ludwig Ultimate Traditional Marching Drums

Ludwig Ultimate Traditional Marching Tenor Drums are made with 8-ply 100% American maple shells that provide a rich, naturally balanced sound. The Ludwig Ultimate Marching Tenor Drums are available in both leg tenor and chest tenor configurations The Ludwig Ultimate Leg Tenor is available in a 12" x 14" and a 12" x 15" configuration. The Ludwig Ultimate Chest Tenor is available in a 12" x 16" configuration.

The Ludwig Ultimate Marching Tenors are USA made in Monroe NC and come with Single 45° bearing edges with a rounded back cut providing that characteristic Ludwig sound. Each drum uses case-hardened tension rods, and lightweight aluminum alloy tension casings.

Ludwig provides you with a 3-year warranty, giving you the protection you deserve.

This model is available in three standard cortex finishes: White (W), Black (B) , and Brushed Grey Cortex (7). These drums are also available in custom lacquer (L) finishes.

Ludwig Ultimate Marching Traditional Single Leg

Black Cortex Angle A
Black Cortex Angle B
Black Cortex Angle C

Leg Tenor

LULT14PX - Replace X with color code

LULT15PX - Replace X with color code

Chest Tenor

LUCT16PX - Replace X with color code

Scotch Bass

LUSB26PX - Replace X with color code

LUSB28PX - Replace X with color code

Standard Bass Sling

Standard Bass Sling Black

Black - LF350B

Standard Bass Sling White

White - LF350W

Snare Drum Sling

Snare Drum Sling Black

Black - LF382B

Snare Drum Sling White

White - LF382W

Angle Bar


Leg Rest