MAY® Aluminum Tubular Carriers

Aluminum Tubular carriers feature an ergonomic, lightweight design with multiple adjustments to enhance comfort. Aircraft grade alloys combined with patented technology result in a powerful carrier, allowing elaborate maneuvers essential to contemporary band performances.

Tubular Technology

The ultra-lightweight, aluminum tubular body provides low mass of structure on the player while yielding unparalleled strength. The tubular structure has also been designed to fit a wide range of players, as well as is incredibly gender friendly, ensuring minimal to no pressure is placed on a female's chest.

Ergonomic Design

In conjunction with tubular technology, extended torso and full shoulder rotation adjustments, the Aluminum Tubular carrier allows for an ergonomic fit without sacrificing strength and durability.

Aluminum Abdomen Plate

The newly tapered designed, black powder coated, aluminum abdomen plate can be inverted, reversing its shape for a better fit depending on the preference or body type of the player.

Shoulder Rotation

Shoulder positioning can be fine tuned by rotating the shoulder’s caster down (into the back) and/or pivoting the camber angle (toward/away from the neck).

Adjustable Back Bar

The adjustable, lineal back bar facilitates additional shoulder adjustment and back bar support, with removable, Comfort Core Cushions. Other features include a torso height adjustment and a wide range of shoulder adjustments to maximize weight distribution.

J-Rod Clamps

Innovative mounting hardware secures precise adjustments from carrier to drum eliminating slippage and unwanted rotation without excess tube stress.

MAY Comfort Core Cushions

Comfort Core Cushions come standard on the adjustable back bar using a combination of two foams in isolated cubes for comfortable and conforming support. They are also available separately and can be retrofitted to the shoulders of any MAY carrier.

Free Floating Snare Hinge

The MAY free-floating snare hinge eliminates drum shell contact resulting in virtually no mechanical or sonic stress to the drum shell. Lift-front capability also tilts for proper playing angle. The versatile hinge allows for quiet lift-front capability and quick, easy removal of the drum from the carrier. Positive or negative drum tilt can be accomplished due to the special design of the carrier-side hinge, crafted out of special ribbed aircraft alloy aluminum.

Drum Hardware

All Aluminum Tubular Snare carriers include respective drum mounting hardware.

MAY Aluminum Tubular Snare CarrierRMATS
MAY Aluminum Tubular Tenor CarrierRMATQ
MAY Aluminum Tubular Bass CarrierRMATB

All MAY™ carries are covered under various patents but not limited to: 6,323,407 7,673,776 7,166,790, 7,420,110 7,326,842 7,810,684 8,053,655 8,598,443 8,646,666 with multiple patents pending.

May Alluminum Tubular Snare Carrier (RMATS)

May Alluminum Tubular Tom Carrier (RMATQ)

May Alluminum Tubular Bass Carrier (RMATB)