Ludwig Standard Series Timpani

Today, it is estimated that there are more Ludwig Standard Symphonic Series Timpani in use throughout the world than all other models and brands combined. The Ludwig Standard Timpani kettles are mounted directly to the struts of the drum. This differs from the Professional and Grand Symphonic series timpani. Ludwig's patented Balanced Action Pedal allows for tuning of a major sixth per each drum. The Standard Series are built with interior tuning mechanics and are available in smooth copper or fiberglass kettles.

  • Ludwig Ensemble Smooth White Timpani Heads
  • One pair of mallets is standard each
  • 26" Timpani or set of 2, 4, or 5
  • Fiber head protectors
  • Shallow drop covers
  • A key is included with each drum
A set of four polished brass timpani drums

Key Improvements

The Ludwig Standard Series Timpani has been updated with incredible new functionality.

New tuning gauge placement will allow these drums to be configured with American or German set-up. All tuning gauge linkage has been removed from the pedal and seamlessly transferred under the base.

A permanent third omni wheel has been added under the pedal. This wheel allows 360° fluid movement, allowing the player to have total control of drum placement.

Improvements have been made to the rear casters including upgraded braking, larger size wheels with a quick-release function. This allows smooth movement and the ability to quickly remove rear casters with ease.

Timpani Models & Sizes

LTS402FGSet of 2 (26" & 29")
LTS404FGSet of 4 (23" - 32")
LTP405FGSet of 5 (20" - 32")

*Note the 20" kettle is aluminum

Polished Copper
LTS402PGSet of 2 (26" & 29")
LTS404PGSet of 4 (23" - 32")
LTS405PGSet of 5 (20" - 32")

Previous Standard Symphonic Models Still Available

Standard Fiberglass Timpani
LKS420A20" Aluminum Bowl
LKS420AG20" Aluminum Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS423F23" Fiberglass Bowl
LKS423FG23" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS426F26" Fiberglass Bowl
LKS426FG26" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS429F29" Fiberglass Bowl
LKS429FG29" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS432F32" Fiberglass Bowl
LKS432FG32" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
Standard Series Polished Timpani
LKS420P20" Copper Bowl
LKS420PG20" Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS423P23" Copper Bowl
LKS423PG23" Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS426P26" Copper Bowl
LKS426PG26" Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS429P29" Copper Bowl
LKS429PG29" Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKS432P32" Copper Bowl
LKS432PG32" Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge

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