Musser M75LH

Lionel Hampton Signature Century

A tribute to the legendary jazz musician, the Lionel Hampton Signature Vibraphone features Hampton’s signature on the front rail. The vibraphone has an all natural wood finished frame and antique gold finished arched and mitered resonators. Based on the design of the M75 Century Vibraphone, the M75LH features three octaves of aluminum antique gold finished wide graduated bars.



Multi-Speed Motor Yes
Octave Range 3 Octaves
Note Range F3 - F6
Standard Tuning A=442
Bar Material Aluminum
Bar Finish Gold
Bar Graduation 1.5" - 2.25"
Resonators Aluminum
Resonator Shape Arched & Mitered
Resonator Finish Hampton Gold Antique
Frame Style Wood Open End
Frame Finish Natural Wood Stain
Height Adjustable Frame N/A
Shallow Drop Covers Included
Pro Padded Cover Option M155VB
Lined Dust Cover Option M255VB
Optional Cases M141, Set of 5
Low End Width 30"
High End Width 15.5"
Length 56.5"
Height 34.5"
Weight 170 lbs.
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