Selmer Paris 40

Selmer Paris has a long history of creating the highest quality professional clarinets. The Selmer Paris 40 Contra Alto clarinet features an aged rosewood body, articulated G# and Eb lever, automatic octave key, silver plated nickel silver keywork, leather pads, and and adjustable silver plated neck for tuning. It comes standard with a professional C* E-flat contra alto mouthpiece. Designed to produce beautiful tone, even scale, and excellent intonation, this clarinet truly offers the best in professional quality.
Key of Eb Bore: 24.3mm pitch: 442 Range to low Eb Articulated G# Eb lever Automatic octave key Silver plated nickel silver neck, adjustable for tuning Rosewood body Silver plated brass bell adjustable stand Silver plated nickel silver has more texture than nickel, which makes it easier to finger fast technique Leather pads with metal resonators get a perfect seal, and helps players get a warmer, more resonant tone Stainless steel needle springs Mouthpiece: C* standard E-flat Contra Alto mouthpiece Case: Eb Contra Alto Light Case


  • Key of Bb
  • Contra Alto Clarinet
  • Rosewood Body
  • 0.988 Bore Size
  • Fixed Thumb-rest
  • Low C Bass
  • BAM Light Case
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