Selmer Paris A1610R

With its exceptionally thick wood, the Recital is favorite for clarinetists seeking a dark, rich tone. The sophisticated design of the bore gives the Recital exceptional presence. The diameter of the joints is bigger than a traditional model by two millimeters. The Recital is an expressive instrument for those who are looking for “a dark sound”.

Larger diameter joints than standard models, adjustable thumb rest, Key of A, Grenadilla wood, Bore 14.30mm/.567 inch, Key system Boehm standard (18 Keys, 6 rings), silver plated nickel silver keys, double skin pads, blue steel needle springs, Selmer Paris Focus mouthpiece, Selmer Paris Double Prisme case.


  • Key of A
  • Soprano Recital
  • Grenadilla Wood Body
  • 18-Key Design
  • 0.567 Bore Size
  • Adjustable Thumb-rest
  • Selmer Paris Double Prisme case

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