Selmer Paris E16 Muse

The E♭ Muse clarinet was born out of the acoustic qualities of the E♭ Recital and our latest improvements in pitch accuracy, ergonomics and mechanics. This new tool will help you to play confidently in any situation.

For four years, the Research and Development team at Henri SELMER Paris, along with a selection of orchestra clarinetists from different countries, combined their knowledge and experience to create the professional E♭ Muse clarinet.

The E♭ Muse clarinet is the clarinetist’s trusted tool: its bore, its exterior diameter, its balanced pitch, its new ergonomics and its mechanics benefit from the rigorous conception and excellent fabrication quality of Henri SELMER Paris clarinets.

Its unique dimensional characteristics and the quality of the wood give the musician the freedom to round out the instrument’s timbre, naturally rich in harmonics.

Free your artistic potential and inspire the world with the Muse!



  • Bore and exterior diameter identical to the Eb Recital
  • Improved overall tuning and new tone hole diameters
  • Cork padding (except the 4 lower register pads that remain in leather) offering easier emission, better sound definition and precision playing


  • New design with Muse rings (matte black chromed and silver plated), refined pipe exit and exterior bell shape
  • Natural SELMER wood color
  • Feather engraving, a symbol of lightness and creative freedom
  • Grenadilla wood, selected for its high density and stabilized for 3 years in a controlled environment.


  • Mechanical improvements
  • Adjustment screw for the C lever
  • Optimized mechanical response for the E/G and F♯/C♯ arms
  • New position for the E♭ arm
  • Technical improvements
  • Arm bar
  • Rounded attachments on the ring line
  • Black chromed metal bell ring
  • 100% wood


  • New keywork design, including:
  • Left-hand little finger keyboard
  • Right-hand 1st trill key
  • D♯/A♯ key
  • New thumb rest with lighter design


  • Key: E-flat (E♭)
  • Universal pitch: 440-442 Hz
  • Standard N1 Boehm system (18 keys, 6 rings)
  • Wood: Grenadilla
  • Silver-plated and matte black chromed upper rings
  • Barrels: 43 and 44 mm
  • Cork and leather pads
  • Silver-plated keywork
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Color: Natural wood
  • Exclusive Muse engraving
  • Clarinet in 100% wood (without Evolution system)
  • C85 120 mouthpiece
  • PRISMe case
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