C.G. Conn 10DY

The vintage instruments of Carl Geyer are revered for their sound, construction, and design. The all-new Conn 10DY embraces that tradition with its cartridge brass construction, unique mouthpipe, and century-old bell dimensions.

The essentials of Mr. Geyer’s timeless horns have been preserved, with modern design processes only lightly touching the 10DY. CNC-machined mouthpiece receivers ensure exact mouthpiece fit for optimum response, new manufacturing techniques create a more consistent instruments, and the addition of an adjustable finger hook and mouthpipe water key make performance more comfortable.


With a mouthpipe that is not braced but directly soldered to the bell, the resonance and response of the 10DY are dramatically different from any other mass-produced horn. The new mouthpipe taper gives a comfortable resistance, requiring less effort from the player and enhancing endurance.

The small-throated “Schmidt”-style bell has a compact sound that projects effortlessly to the back of the orchestra hall. The 10DY is equally at home in chamber ensembles where the warmth of the all-brass construction blends with strings, winds, and brass alike.


  • Direct soldered mouthpipe
  • 12" bell
  • All brass mouthpipe, branches, slide tubing, ferrules, and bell
  • Fiberglass case with soft-touch exterior
  • New bell mandrel for the small-throat, Schmidt-style bell*
  • New mouthpipe taper with comfortable resistance
  • .468" bore
  • Adjustable finger hook
  • Mouthpipe water key
  • Reversible fourth rotor (F/B-flat to B-flat/F)

* Available with a detachable bell as 10DYS.

Model 10DYS shown.

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