C.G. Conn 6D

The story of the Conn 6D begins in the early 1920s with the introduction of the original “6-D” model. Equipped with a piston change valve in the Schmidt style, this “6-D” was Conn’s first double horn. In 1935, it was revised with a rotary change valve – to much acclaim—and the new 6D quickly became “the favorite of big symphony players.”

The third generation 6D takes the critical mouthpipe, first branch, and bell tapers of the historic 6D and pairs them with the chassis of the iconic Conn 8D. The switch to the durable nickel silver Kruspe wrap chassis of the 8D brings many construction advances to the 6D, including revised manufacturing processes, acoustic enhancements, and ergonomic improvements.

The combination of yellow brass slide crooks, first branch, and bell with a nickel silver mouthpipe and branches blends the warmth of yellow brass with the clarity of nickel silver. New CNC-machined mouthpiece receivers ensure the critical mouthpiece insertion depth is the same from instrument to instrument.


Like its predecessors over 80 years ago, the revised 6D has proven popular with professional musicians who praise its quick response and compact sound with a wide palette of tone colors. Teachers and students appreciate the more compact wrap and standard tuning slide arrangement as well as the easy control of the small-throat bell.

  • Classic Kruspe wrap
  • Same historic mouthpipe, first branch, and bell tapers
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable nickel-silver leadpipe
  • Small-throat bell for easy pitch control and superior projection
  • Improved ergonomics


  • 12" bell*
  • Yellow brass first branch and bell
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel silver mouthpipe, branches, and inside and outside slide tubes
  • Small bell throat
  • .468" bore
  • Includes a hard-shell case and Holton MC mouthpiece

* Available with a detachable bell as 6DS.

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