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Selmer SBS411

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The Selmer SBS411 intermediate saxophone is without a doubt one of the top performing saxophones in the world. Though available at an intermediate price point, it performs at a professional level and is designed after the professional line of Selmer Paris saxophones. The SBS411 saxophone has an incredible tonal complexity that is carefully balanced with ease of response and highlighted by its professional features.

The SBS411 saxophone features a post to rib to body construction. The keywork is made of premium power forged brass and the body is made of rose-brass, which contains a higher percentage of copper. This, combined with a professionally designed and hand-adjusted neck and a one-piece, hand-hammered bell creates a tone that is not only the best in its class but outperforms many competitors’ professional line instruments. This tone is further enhanced by the combination of Pisoni Pro pads, traditional Selmer metal resonators, and a carefully designed, hard rubber Selmer mouthpiece to create the perfect balance between ease of response and complexity of tone.

The durable construction of this saxophone is highlighted by its power forged key work to ensure consistent and reliable seating of the pads. Additionally, the post to rib to body construction and iconic Selmer tri-point bell brace create a strong foundation for the key mechanism, keeping the key work in optimal adjustment. Beyond this, the bell keys have double arm bracing for further stability of the bell keys. The blue steel needle springs are carefully adjusted to strict, professional tolerances to create the light and fast key action for which Selmer is known. This great key action, an adjustable metal thumb rest, and superb ergonomics provide everything needed for fast and demanding technical passages.

The 411 series intermediate baritone saxophones come ornamented with newly designed hand engraving that is based on the iconic Selmer Paris Mark VI American engraving that was designed and hand engraved in Elkhart, Indiana. This iconic design references the legendary Selmer saxophones of the past and underscores the lineage, design, and craftsmanship of this instrument. To protect the instrument when not in use it comes with a premium and sturdy ABS protective case that comes with wheels and sturdy handles.


Several upgrades went into the development of this new intermediate line of saxophones. Utilizing a proprietary 3-phase tone hole leveling process, they feature extremely level tone holes ensuring long lasting pad seating and stability. Additionally, every Selmer saxophone is professionally set up, play-tested, and adjusted at the Conn-Selmer Center for Woodwind Excellence located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA to ensure each saxophone is received in optimal adjustment and ready to last a lifetime.

  • Beautiful, complex, and projecting tone
  • Professionally adjusted for light and fast key action
  • Easy response
  • Modern ergonomics and sturdy key work
  • Elegant Mark VI style hand engraving
  • Multiple finish options


  • Professionally Play-tested and Adjusted in Elkhart, IN, USA
  • Rose Brass Body
  • Fully Ribbed Body Construction
  • Professional neck design
  • Auxiliary Keys: Front F, High F♯ Key (High G for Soprano)
  • Mark VI-Style Hand Engraving
  • Double Bell Key Arms
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Metal Thumb Rests
  • Rocking Table Mechanism
  • Power Forged Brass Keys
  • Pisoni Pro Pads with Metal Resonators
  • ABS Case with Wheels
  • Selmer Premium Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
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