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One year ago, in November 2020, the first platforms of the new line of Selmer Flutes launched, consisting of the SFL301, SFL5110BO, and SFL611BO. We are now excited to announce the completion of this student and step-up line of flutes, four years in the making.

SFL611B Engraving Extreme Close Up

Reimagined for the Modern Player

For over 135 years Selmer has been making the highest quality woodwind instruments in the world. Fueled by passion and dedication to musicians the world over, Selmer has continued to be the leader in woodwind design and innovation.

Selmer's commitment to quality and innovation has ensured that each instrument delivers the best performance experience, whether in the practice room or on stage. For better first notes, practice sessions, rehearsals, and performances, you don't just need an instrument, you need a Selmer.

Selmer - We Make Legends.

SFL Headjoin

Premium Hand Cut Headjoints

For outstanding tone, response, and articulation, all Selmer flutes feature a hand-cut headjoint. The SFL301 in Japanese nickel silver, and the SFL411, SFL511 and SFL611 in steling silver.

SFL Pointed Keys

Pointed Key Arms

The handmade keywork features French pointed keyarms, allowing the key mechanism greater strength, stability, even pad wear, and less maintenance.

Lucien Pads

Pisoni Lucien Deluxe Pads

Each flute is professionally hand-padded and partially shimmed, ensuring long-lasting pad seating and stability.

A Level for All Players

Whether you are a student just beginning your musical journey or a seasoned professional flutist needing the richest sound for the world's orchestral venues, there is a Selmer Flute for you.

SFL301R in case

Selmer SFL301 Flutes

The Selmer SFL301 is an excellent option for students and aspiring musicians, featuring closed-hole keys with offset G. We also offer two open hole student flute options.


Selmer SFL411 Flutes

To provide a more affordable intermediate flute, we have expanded the range to include a 400 series featuring a hand-cut head joint with a sterling silver lip plate and riser.

SFL511BEO Engraving Close Up

Selmer SFL511 Flutes

A popular model for the advancing flutist, the Selmer SFL511 series has expanded options now available. SFL511BO features offset G, the SFL511B features inline G, and the SFL511BEO features offset G and split E.


Selmer SFL611 Flutes

The Selmer SFL 611 series is an excellent option for aspiring and professional flutists. The series is now available with inline or offset G, Split E, and C# trill. It is also available in every standard configuration you would expect.