Tim Lautzenheiser Speaks About Music Education

Tim Lautzenheiser speaks about different topics in Music Education that guide music educators to a better path of teaching.

The Power of Learning
Understand the power of student learning and the impact student leaders can possess when given the tools to empower their peers. As Tim would say, “all learning, is good learning; and that makes us better people.”

The growth pattern of young people is often challenging to harness. However, if we accept the fact that students develop maturity through various stages over time, we can better adapt their unique skills to help them achieve the best version of themselves. Watch Tim highlight the four stages of maturity and the impact these stages can have on your student leaders.

The Power of Music
Besides the potpourri of social and emotion benefits the arts add to our hearts and minds, why should today’s youth study music? Listen to Tim explain how music helps build character skills, deepen one’s ability to communicate, while at the same time boosting a student’s college application.

Student Leadership
How do we leverage our student leaders to create an effective peer to peer mentorship program and ultimately motivate our community to enact positive change? Watch Tim present tips on selecting a student leader and see how to identify some characteristics which may be “hiding” under the surface.

Music Advocacy
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with determining what music advocacy facts are the most relevant to your parents, administration, and community? In under 2 minutes watch Tim explain how our students’ brains process information, and through myelination why these school leaders are using a larger percentage of their brain capacity to learn.

Servitude Student Leadership
Discern the difference between leadership and Servitude Leadership.  While we all think we have the tools to be an effective leader, our students may discover there is more to conquering this title than what they originally thought. Hear Tim describe the 5 Laws toward becoming a “servitude leader.”

Power of Quotes
Tim has always been a huge fan of quotes. Listen to him talk about the power of music, how it makes us “feel,” and the practical application of motivation in our everyday lives.

Best Use of Time with Your Student Leaders
Time is the one equalizing factor for all of us; and how are YOU going to use your time? Observe the best ways to make the best use of your time by delegating specific tasks to your student leaders.

Power of Motivation
How do we motivate our music room? Understand the difference between competition, cooperation, and creation to ultimately motivate the students in your music room and show them how to change the future of our world.

“What, How, and Why” of What We Do
When teaching in your instrumental classroom, remember the importance of “why” when presenting information to your students. Often as educators, we focus on the “what” or the “how,” but today Tim provides a quick tip on the importance of explain “why” we do what we do.

Systemic vs. Servitude Leadership
Understand the significance of servitude leadership and how to ensure harmony, balance, and blend within your instrumental rehearsals.

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