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Bach Artist Rashawn Ross Trumpeter for the Dave Matthews Band

Rashawn Ross Day in the Life

Bus QnA

Posted: Tue, Dec 11, 2018

Dave Matthews Band 2018 Tour - Instruments

Rashawn performs exclusively on Conn-Selmer instruments for the Dave Matthews Band tour. Take a look at the models he uses  and the model he tested out and recommends from his visit to the Bach factory.

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C.G. Conn 1FR Flugelhorn

1FR Conn Vintage One Flugelhorn - The Vintage One 1FR flugelhorn was designed to be well balanced and compatible with the player's concept of sound.

Bach B188 Bass Trumpet 

Initially designed as a alternative to the valve trombone, the B188 bass trumpet is well suited for everything from Wagner operas and solo work, to jazz ensembles.

Rashawn Recommends the Bach 180S37 and 190S37 

While Rashawn performs with a custom 19065 Stradivarius on tour, he recommends the standard model 180S37 and 190S37 trumpets. Rashawn tested out dozens of 180S37 and 190S37 Stradivarius trumpets at the Bach factory in Elkhart that are to be sent to dealers around the world for sale. 

Rashawn Ross began working with Dave Matthews Band in 2005 and became a permanent fixture in the band, on the road and in the studio. Named highest grossing touring act of the decade, they sold more tickets to their concerts than any other act in the world between the years 2000 and 2010. Dave Matthews Band is also the only band in history to have SEVEN consecutive albums debut at #1 on the billboard charts. 

With the release of Dave Matthews Band's ninth studio album, Come Tomorrow, the band commenced on their North American tour. Rashawn sat down with the Conn-Selmer team for an exclusive interview detailing his life before and after Dave Matthews Band. 

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Thank You!

Special thanks to Rashawn Ross and everyone in the Dave Matthews Band and their wonderful crew. 

Bill Greer - Tour Manager

Bryan Strickland - Asst. Tour Manager

Kara Ebert - Backstage Coordinator

Thank you Ann Kingston for the additional DMB footage.

Thank you Eric Pretto for the BTS coordination.


Interviewer: Katy Troester

Camera / Stills: Rick Fields, Paul G. Lyzun

Editors: Rick Fields, Paul G. Lyzun

Marketing Coordinator: Stephanie Richards

© 2018, Conn-Selmer Inc.

Select footage from concerts used with permission.

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